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Large BBQ Grill & Smoker

•  Large BBQ Grill & Smoker is using Charcoal as the power source, is made of high density of carbon steel and finished with powder  coated. Configure Chromium-plated or enamel  grill grids . Complete reach the standard of cooking and BBQ.
•  Large BBQ Grill is only have one BBQ space. Smoker has two or more large BBQ space with a side firebox with a grate for additional space. 
•  Large BBQ Grill & Smoker comes with a front ledge, thermometer and wheels so it is easily moved.
•  All BBQ Grill &Smoker’s are hand manufactured in our production plant from carbon steel and the wheels guarantee stability and all the attachments are smooth.
•  Clean the cooking grills with detergent and water before the first use. Then make it dry and grease with cooking oil. Place your wood carbon or fruit tree wood carbon in to the Charcoal grill and lit, then place the cooking grill. Coated food with good sauce, then put the food on the cooking net, then can barbecue.
•  Please do not use the oil to burn the wood carbon or fruit wood chips, or the barbecue food will have the taste of industrial oil. 
•  The average temperature is at 194°F (90°C)-320°F (160°C) when having barbecue, the ideal  temperature is at 212°F (100°C) - 266°F (130°C), the ideal temperature baking food taste very juicy and fresh taste.
•  When barbecue or smoke the food,can add wine, soft drinks, herbs, spices, bits of citrus peel, fruit juice, marinades , onion or add wood with natural taste, so that the food can have more  taste.
•  This product is suitable for basting the meat, fish, poultry,  vegetable, fruit  and bread , It meet your all needs of barbecue and cooking .
•  There is a little difference in temperature and cooking time between top and bottom BBQ space . When cooking different types or kinds of food at the same time,  the cooking time is determined by the largest single piece being cooked.