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Charcoal Water Smoker

• This Smoker 14" is made up of the furnace cover, the furnace body, the furnace bottom and supporting feet, connected as a whole quickly by four locks.
• Using Charcoal as the power source, is made of high density of carbon steel and finished with powder coated. Configure Chromium-plated cooking grates and heat-resistant PP handle.
• Built-in thermometer and adding fuel window, individual vents on bowl and lid;  There is a smoking rack, 6 hooks, two cooking grills , a smoking water pan and a charcoal tray inside.
• This product is suitable for basting the meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, fruit  and bread.
• You can choose the parts to fulfil the function what you need.
• Simple disassembly and assembly structure make it suitable for household and easy for carry.Complete reach the standard of cooking and BBQ.  
• The price of 201029A is with  a smoking rack and 6 hooks. Pay a little more amount of additional money  that you could get the Dust-Proof Cover

Use :
• Clean the cooking grills with detergent and water before the first use. Then make it dry and grease with cooking oil. Place your wood carbon or fruit tree wood carbon in to the Charcoal grill and lit, then place  the cooking grill. 
• Coated  food with good sauce, then put the food on the cooking net ,then can barbecue.
• The average temperature is at 194°F (90°C)-320°F (160°C) when having barbecue, the ideal  temperature is at 212°F (100°C) -266°F (130°C), the ideal temperature baking food taste very juicy and fresh taste.
• Always keep water in water pan even after food is removed from smoker. Water will evaporate and grease in water pan can catch on fire.
• Please do not use the oil to burn the wood carbon or fruit wood chips, or the barbecue food will have the taste of industrial oil.