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When use it as a Smoker Grill :

• Coated food with good sauce, put the food on the cooking net, then can barbecue.
• Please do not use the oil to burn the wood carbon or fruit wood chips, or the barbecue food will have the taste of industrial oil. 
• Always keep water in water pan even after food is removed from smoker.  Water will evaporate and grease in water pan can catch on fire.

When you choose the function for the Fire Pit :
• You don't need the grills , smoking water pan and the cover. 
• The Fire Pit can be used with wood or fuel.

• Never leave coals and ash in smoker unattended.
• Do not use your fire pit if it is too windy or too dry.
• Use soft things to clean your grills with detergent after barbecue. Dry it to prevent get rust.
• Use caution when reaching into or under smoker.  Always wear oven mitts or gloves to protect your hands from burns.