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Use and Cooking Tips :
• Use caution when assembling and operating your smoker to avoid to be scraped or cut by sharp edges of metal parts. Only use this smoker on a hard, horizontal, noncombustible, stable surface (concrete, ground, etc.). 
• Clean the cooking grills with detergent and water before the first use. Keep it far away from the inflammables and explosives when you use.
• The  food should be completely thawed out before cooking. 
• Please do not use the industrial oil to burn the fuel ,or the food will be contaminated.
• Fire the fuel and place them into the fuel pan, according to usual BBQ ,pizza baking, or smoking food needs, dip food with good sauce, then put the food in the cabinet charcoal  BBQ grill , then can barbecue.
• Use caution when reaching into or under smoker. Always wear oven mitts or gloves to protect your hands from burns.  
• If  want the baking food more juicy ,need to add some BBQ sauce. Always keep some water in water pan even after food is  removed from smoker (Pay attention, the water & barbecue sauce  will evaporate. When the food grease drop to the fuel pan, will catch on fire).
• Want to smoke the food, can add wet wood chips into the smoky pan. Food in flavor can be achieved by adding wine, soft drinks, herbs, spices, bits of citrus peel, fruit juice, onion or marinades to the smoky pan.
• Many variables (outside cooking temperature, amount of charcoal, open times of the secondary door, proximity of food to heat source, etc.)  will affect actual cooking times.  the cooking time is determined by the largest single piece being cooked.
• When using a food thermometer, place probe midway into the thickest part of the food, making sure that it does not touch any fat or bone. Allow five minutes for the thermometer to properly regulate temperature. The ideal temperature make baked food taste very juicy and fresh.
• From the appearance , cabinet  charcoal smoker grill  is made up of  front board,  back board, side board, chimney, two doors, adjustable side air vent, thermometer, bottom seat support frame, connected as a whole quickly withscrews.
• From the inside structure, 8 hanging hooks for smoking, 4 chrome plated  cooking grates (1870 sq. in. of cookingspace),1 smoking pan and fuel chamber (1 charcoal grate &1 removable ash pan).