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Easy to assemble
disassemble and portable

• As a Pizza Oven with the sleeve and cordierite stone. 
• There are two holes on the sleeve, for installing Rotisserie  Wheel.
• This sleeve suitable for ø18"-22" Grill.
• Not include the cordierite stone and rotisserie wheel, need to buy extra.
• Could be a normal BBQ charcoal grill without the sleeve.
• Installation is quick and easy, convenient and removable. Ideal for outdoor and household.
• Clean the cooking grills with detergent and water before first use. 
• Once assembled, place the sleeve on your grill. 
• Works with charcoal or hardwood, Fire it up, there is nothing like woodfired pizza at home. You can use hardwood to achieve a great smokey flavor too. Please do not use industrial oil to burn the wood chips or charcoal, or the food would be polluted.
• Place the cordierite pizza stone in the kettle converter. Preheat for about 10 minutes. Use the pizza peel to slide an uncooked  pizza onto the stone. Use the pizza peel to rotate your pizza halfway  through cooking.
• Heat remains stable because lid does not need to be removed to access food.